Few firms of any size can match the experience and broad service offering of Falkenberg Ives' accountant’s liability attorneys.  Our attorneys have degrees in accounting, have taught accounting at the country’s top business school, worked for insurers of accountant programs, practiced in-house at the world’s largest accounting firms and have served as risk management support for some of the largest insurers of accounting firms.  

The Falkenberg Ives attorneys know the industry and its people.  We have at our fingertips a wide range of resources such as expert witnesses, contacts within the AICPA leadership, regulators at the state boards and societies, and general counsels of the largest firms.  Falkenberg Ives' practice reaches all levels of the industry, from sole practitioners to the large international firms.  

Defending actions against accountants is unlike other litigation, as it requires not only strong familiarity with the profession and its risks, but also the statutes and doctrines that only apply to cases against accountants.  Falkenberg Ives' attorneys have litigated many of these novel issues more than any other practitioners, which provides its clients unique insight into accountant actions.  

Our attorneys can handle any litigation or regulatory matters that accountants face and have done so across the country.  Representative areas of practice include:

  • Defending lawsuits of all types in the areas of attestation, tax, and consulting;


  • Representing CPAs in disciplinary proceedings instituted by the SEC, state boards and accounting societies, and the AICPA;


  • Risk management assistance to firms and their insurers, including operating national hot lines for insurance companies, providing seminars on liability and risk management to regional and national firms, negotiating contracts, drafting engagement letters and document retention policies, and assisting with subpoena responses.  

For more information about the firm’s accountant’s liability practice, contact Tom Falkenberg at 312-566-4801 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..