The need for professional services providers to have comprehensive legal advice and guidance has never been greater. Falkenberg Ives' attorneys have 25 years of experience representing accountants, lawyers, real estate brokers, and other professionals.  At Falkenberg Ives, we stress a proactive approach with our clients and strive to get involved before a claim or suit arises.  In addition to providing excellent representation when a dispute arises, Falkenberg Ives provides extensive risk management guidance to help professionals avoid future claims.

Falkenberg Ives' attorneys have represented real estate agents and brokers in all aspects of litigation, including actions for fraud, negligence, breach of contract, and breach of fiduciary duty.  In addition, our attorneys have provided numerous continuing education and risk management seminars relating to preventing claims before they happen. 

Falkenberg Ives' attorneys have also represented law firms and attorneys from all areas of practice in malpractice matters and disciplinary proceedings, as well as appraisers, valuation experts, actuaries, insurance brokers, architects and engineers.  

At bottom, Falkenberg Ives' attorneys recognize that a professional’s reputation is his or her greatest asset and they are dedicated to protecting that reputation. 

For more information about the firm’s professional liability practice, contact Tom Falkenberg at 312-566-4801 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..