Businesses and individuals increasingly face aggressive government enforcement activities in nearly all facets of industry.  Whether in the form of a grand jury investigation, a regulatory inquiry or a civil whistleblower case, few events can be as disruptive or intrusive as being the subject of a government investigation.  When facing such a disruption, you need a lawyer with the experience and knowledge needed to resolve the matter in an efficient and effective manner.

We understand that the most successful result is to avoid prosecution in the first instance.  That is why our clients can rely on us to quickly investigate and assess potential wrongdoing and help them navigate the difficult minefield of a government investigation.  We have the experience and the respect needed to help our clients avoid or reduce the damage caused by an investigation and potential indictment or civil charge.  In the event a charge is brought, we have the experience and capability to aggressively defend you in a criminal or civil proceeding, including actions by state and federal investigative agencies.

When problems arise, we recognize that it is essential to address and understand the scope of the problem and how to address it.  Our attorneys have conducted internal investigations for our clients to help them quickly gather and assess evidence of potential wrongdoing and helped them make informed decisions regarding how to respond effectively to these problems.  Our professional integrity and independence in these matters provides our clients with valuable insight regarding how best to handle the issue at hand.

Our attorneys have the experience handling all aspects of state and federal litigation in matters involving health care fraud, antitrust, RICO, False Claims Act and a variety of other substantive areas.  If you are facing a governmental investigation or similar problem involving potential civil or criminal sanctions, let our experience provide you the insight needed to resolve these issues effectively.